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Safely and efficiently handle PE pipe

UIS Power Push™

The UIS Power Push™ completely changes the way pipes and cables are handled throughout the utilities sector.

The UIS Power Push™ offers a faster, safer and more compliant way of inserting pipelines, and is fully approved for operation on both live and dead insertions.

The UIS Power Push™ range 63mm - 900mm is becoming increasingly popular in both Australia & New Zealand.

UIS Power Handler™

The UIS Power Handler™ is the safest & most efficient way to load and unload lengths of any type of PE, Steel, PVC and Concrete pipe.

The UIS Power Handler™ gives the excavator operator full 360° control of the pipe. This removes the need for strops and chains, therefore eliminates the potential risks from manual handling, and provides a safer and more effective way to handle pipe.

Capable to withstand even the toughest pipe-laying / handling environments and suitable for all types of pipe from 250mm - 900mm. 

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